Our Services

SASS Helps Firms Strategically Improve and Scale Operations and Lowers the Cost of Change. Optimize operational costs and cost-effectively process change through using our SASS managed data services.

Improve Data Quality and Increase Operational Scalability

Data management requirements are a moving target and change is a given. They are driven by regulatory demands for more granular reporting, by an increased focus on the strength of the integration process, business needs for faster access to more data to improve decision making, management needs for KPIs and process transparency or simply the need to onboard additional data sources.

Tap Into Expert Financial Data Management Knowledge

In financial data management, the devil is often in the detail. Expert knowledge of data feeds, formats, regulatory reporting needs, data quality aspects as well as business applications in portfolio management, risk, settlement and accounting is required to deliver results on time and within budget.

Serviced Integration with Cross-referencing to an Industry Data Model

Through our Data Services team, we support a comprehensive selection of feed handlers to quickly and reliably integrate content. Our proactive approach ensures that customers have up-to-date integration, with the latest format and content changes driven by vendors, whether due to technical changes, market developments or regulators.

Make the most of your financial data management in the cloud.

Our DevOps services help clients build, test and maintain the infrastructure and tools to allow for the speedy deployment and release of data management solutions. Discover how in our DevOps datasheet.